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The Surprise

Well yesterday I was tasked with shooting the shoot. The brief to provide some abstract and anonymous images of a days shooting pheasant. These to be displayed in The Old Inn. Shooting started at nine and finished at half past four, images were delivered at 7:30. Client satisfied and I will have that showing so success.

Natural light using aperture priority, generally not below 1/90 sec.

During one of the drives some Welsh Class c ponies got the wind up their tails and I managed to get this one….what a bonus on the day.

The Original

Img0138cs4.jpg, originally uploaded by cstgpa.

This is the final image used by the model and the crop was taken directly from this

No Skin Smoothing

It is a little unfair on Charmaine to have such a tight crop without any retouching but it is what I would want to see as a photographer. I often wonder what the skin of a model is going to be like and I am not a fan of skin smoothing. I wonder how many other photographers feel the same way?

This was taken outside on a bright day. I tucked the model under a bush and used a 28 inch diffused beauty dish 15 feet in front and slightly off to the side of the model and with the sun behind the model.

Image processed with CS4 raw image editor contrast, colour balance, vibrancy and clarity but only minor tweaks, then opened in Photoshop and sharpened using unsharp mask and cropped and sized. 5 minutes

Cheryl Elizabeth Reflecting

Cheryl Elizabeth Reflecting, originally uploaded by cstgpa.

Got to say I like this one also, same light source as the previous but stage right this time and about 12 feet away so a harsher light. Processing time about five minutes, grey tone conversion done on a photoshop layer and tweaked.

Hopefully all the grey tones included and the highlights haven’t blown out.

Again no skin smoothing so what you see is what you get, congrats Cherly Elizabeth for a fine skin.

Cheryl Elizabeth

I was trolling through some old shoots this morning to do my daily practice session on Photoshop….yes CS4…..woohoo, anyway, I found this one of Cheryl Elizabeth from Net Models that I shot back in February of last year. Single light source 18″ beauty dish stage left at a short distance from the model to soften further. No reflectors.

The post processing consisted of Raw Image processing in CS4’s application with minor tweaks on colour balance, exposure, contrast, clarity and vibrancy. Then opening image in Photoshop, rotating 90 degrees CC as Cheryl was in fact looking down, cropping to A4, sharpening slightly, and framing with copyright. I did not need to do any skin smoothing or blemish removal which is certainly a complement to Cheryl Elizabeth. Total time processing 5 minutes.

Going to be working with her again soon and I am looking forward to it

Off for my walk now and the sun has just come out.

My Turn to Walk

Philippa is up to London today to make a presentation to the Koreans so it is my turn to walk the dogs…again. Think I’ll do the Maperton Walk which is about 2.5 miles. When I took PJ to the station it was a bit nippy but at least no frost. Will anything ever grow again I wonder.

Sunset at the Hedgerows

Sunset at the Hedgerows, originally uploaded by cstgpa.

Come along spring, another walk in the cold tomorrow….red sky at night?