Snowing Again

Yes it is trying to snow down here in the wilds of Somerset. A few flurries already showing and a dog walk to undertake.

Now that my birthday has passed it will not be long before we start to see the dafs and poppies. The bulbs are just starting to poke through the ground……I long for the spring.

Photograph taken using Aperture Priority, F11 at 1/160 sec, that and using 135 mm as focal lentgh on zoom enabled me to get the foreground flowers in focus and yet throw the background into blur. No tripod or reflector was needed as 400 ISO was the choice of speed.

The standard processing in Adobe Raw Editor and then opened in Photoshop CS4. Inrease saturaution of blue channels using saturation layer and selecting specific colours with pipette, sharpened slightly with use of unsharp mask, framed and added copyright.

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