Amazing what you can catch with right bait

No it’s not about fishing so you can put your anoraks away, I don’t have the patience for fishing nor the time. Thank goodness.

No this is about dogs or any pet I suppose.

Isn’t it amazing how you can walk out of the door in a foul temper, growling at the dogs and mumbling to yourself? You release the leads as you set off for your walk and a smile immediately comes to your face and a spring to your step as they play and sniff without a care in the world.

Her Indoors makes me smile too but not so spontaneously….aaah well.

Here’s to our pets……now show me yours

This was shot with my point and shoot Canon Coolpix 5700, so automatic and in JPG format. Tweaked the colour saturation of yellows and reds using the pipette and sharpened using unsharp mask, cropped, framed and copyrighted.

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