Happy Valentine’s Day or Bah Humbug

As I showered this morning I pondered the reason for the celebration and the amount of money spent all over the world today. We cannot blame this on the Americans this time, nor even the card companies, restaurateurs and florists, as it was instigated by Pope Gelasius way back in AD 496 to commemorate yet another martyr to the cause. It became a day for love during Chaucer’s time but when did it become so big? I know it wasn’t this big when I was a courting boy. alright that was a few years ago now I suppose, but it is huge.

With the money spent today in the pursuit of love we could provide financial aid to almost any country in need for a year, just my thought for the day.

So to ‘Her Indoors’ please accept this image as a token of my love for you.

For those of you who haven’t a clue about gardening, it is an aquilega, a perennial that comes up in early spring and will occasionally have a second flowering in late summer. It works for us both in partial shade and partial sun or more shade during the day and vice versa if you know what I mean. You certainly get more blooms if you feed it with a little fresh compost.

The photograph was taken knowing that the highlights, sky, would be blown out, I was hoping to achieve an oriental feel to the shot. There was quite a breeze and so I used shutter priority to avoid to much movement and with aperture at f9.0 I focused on the upper flower stamens and knew I would have enough depth of field to have my subject in focus. (light reading also taken from stamen, 3 to 1 ratio with sky) Processed in CS4 Raw Editor, then sharpened, framed and removed an unwanted twig or two with the cloning tool as well as a couple of bugs on the petals at ‘Her Indoor’s’ suggestion

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