Shrove Tuesday today and what will you give up tomorrow?

Yes lent starts tomorrow and in the past we were forced to give up fat and flour for forty days and forty nights and so we gorged ourselves on pancakes on Fat Tuesday. In my youth we used to give up something for lent but is the custom still so prolific in this age or is it just for Roman Catholics? I suppose we could compare this next 40 days to Ramadan if we had continued with the fat and flour ban.

I am giving up sugar in my tea…..what are you giving up?

Today’s picture is not about lent but this time of year reminds me of our trip to Tanzania and my desire to go back and visit Victoria Falls … so give me some work so that I can go.

The image was taken with my D100, which I am about to pass onto my youngest son, the light was not bright and I needed depth of field. We obviously couldn’t get out of the land cruiser and set up my tripod. Didn’t have a monopod at the time so set the camera for Aperture Priority at F16, shutter speed at 1/40th of a second on the buffalo meant having to brace against the sunroof. Got a few shots off and this was the best.

Processed in Paint Shop Pro boosting selective colours, levels and curves tweak and sharpened using unsharp mask. Cropped etc. At the time of shooting this I had not yet learned that shooting in RAW was essential for good digital photography processing and so this was a JPEG. Still love the result but might go back with CS4, who knows?

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