A Fun Image and it’s a simple lighting set up

My CS4 practice session started yesterday morning with this image at a suggestion by Andrew Kent, a fellow photographer, who didn’t like the treatment with Paint Shop Pro. He was right, I much prefer the result with CS4. I am still not sure about the black border but I think it suits for web display.

So first, here is the image

Now the lighting set up

This diagram was done with Strobox for my IPhone. Basic but needs explanation.

Light stage left was set at a distance of about 15 feet from the models and at a 50 degree angle. It was Sunlite 40 with a Supersoft 600 Diffuser attached. This normally gives a beautiful soft light but I wanted it a little harsher than for portraiture and I wanted contrast. Hence the reason for putting the light source that distance from the subject, knowing that all important rule – the further away the light source the harsher the light….remember the sun, couldn’t get much further away and very harsh. This is to be the main light so cranked it up so that i was getting a reading of F11 on the girls.

Second light stage right was set much close at about 7 ft from models at a 45 degree angle to models and balanced so that I was getting a 2:1 ratio to shadows. This balance also prevented unnecessary shadows on the wall from this fill light. This light source was a 15″ (38cm) Soft-Lite Reflector (79 degree).

Both light sources were above the model and looking down and at around 45 degrees.

Yes another CS4 in Raw editor and then into CS4 photoshop for a quick sharpen using unsharp mask. I also boosted the reds on a saturation layer prior to sharpening, cropped and copyrighted.

So that’s that one and thanks Andrew, it looks so much better and still makes me smile. Two hours it took for the make-up and they did it themselves. Plus Victorian Ragdoll made the clothes. My favourite though…..those red boots.

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