Skin smoothing with Portrait Professional

Today’s topic is about re-touching, specifically with the Portrait Professional piece of software. As anyone who has read my previous posts knows, I am not a great fan of skin smoothing but occasionally it is necessary. If done in moderation it can enhance the final image and of course take years off the subject’s age. If over-done the results can be horrific and not even resemble the subject.

At the moment I use Portrait Professional because it has a large selection of tools which can be moderately applied. I suspect that I will emigrate over to Imagenomic Portraiture shortly since I emigrated to Adobe CS4 and have fallen in love with the ease of doing things in one environment.

In the following image the neck and jaw line were slightly altered, the eyes were widened, iris brightened, pupils darkened and whites whitened.

The skin tools were used but the pores not obliterated. This helped reduce the laugh lines but not eliminate them. The shine tool was also used to blend the skin tones a little better. Finally the hair was lightened and tinted red a fraction.

Which one do you prefer and would you have done it substantially different? Have you used Imagenomic Portraiture and is it any good?

Answers that I would love to know but, as you are in the most part a bunch of silent readers too shy to comment, I guess I never shall.

Go on…..dare you

To view a larger image click this link

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