Amie Dodgson – basic light set up

I had the pleasure of shooting Amie Dodgson this week. She had in fact only come to shoot with Martin at my house and then stay over before returning home to Kendal. The day at our house was interesting with Martin and a naked girl, two dogs, two cats and of course Her Indoors. Martin took some marvelous pictures which if we ever need to sell the house certainly will be good to liven up the brochure. Her Indoors was heard to comment that if she had known there would be a naked girl lying on our hall floor, she would have washed the floor first.

I was able to catch half an hour the next morning before Amie had to catch her train. It is amazing what you can do in half an hour with a professional model. So little direction needed and only minor tweaks to make.

This is my favourite for the day so far, haven’t finished going through them all yet. Yes I know it is a little naughtier than normal but you can blame that on Andrew Kent, the only one of you viewers who has taken the time to comment, thanks Andrew. He suggested that I needed a little “lust” in my portfolio. At my age it is a little hard to conjure up lust but I always say leave them asking for more. Hope you all like it and don’t be afraid to comment if you don’t.

Standard light set up as shown in a previous blog but the units were all closer.

Key set at 4, fill at 2 and hair light at 1. Hair light – instead of using a snoot I use a reflector and honeycomb.

Processing in Raw editor is standard and then into Photoshop to save as a Tiff to export to Portrait Professional. Some minor tweaks then saved again as a Tiff. Opened again in Photoshop and sharpened with unsharp mask, cropped and copyrighted.

View large and on black

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