Summer in February?

I wish it was but unfortunately it is a photoshop dream. Yesterday was my day for practicing masking and making a composite. This is the result. I am not completely happy with it yet and so really shouldn’t post it but hey….it’s my blog so I will do what I want.

Here is the image first before I explain how it was shot and processed.

link to larger image on black in case you want a closer look.

The image was actually shot in the studio with the lovely Amie last Tuesday, the original shown at the end of this posting.

It was a two light set up.

The key light is my Sunlite 40 with a Supersoft 600 diffuser set at approximately 30 degrees and 3 feet from model on left. It is slighly above the model. The fill light is a reflector with honeycomb on right of model and at two stop below key. It is only there to give a little highlight on her hair.

The image was the processed and sharpened in my normal way. Then the fun begins.

The first job was to troll through my flower images that I shot last year and find something with a similar light so that the two images when combined don’t clash. So many composites sugest that care was not taken at this stage and become obviously composites because the light of the main image looks nothing like the background. The next task was to mask it in and try to blend the edges. This is where I still need to work on the image. I manage it beautifully on the right side but the left lower body, ribs and tummy need to be blended a little better.

So there it is. Take an ‘art nude’ image and turn it to glamour?

Comments as always are always welcome.

This was the original image of Amie before the composite process. Why do anything to it at all you may ask….because I can is what I answer.

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