Who misses the dark room and working with prints?

I thought I would miss the smell of chemicals, the constant skin irritations and the joy of working on getting a hard copy of your work onto that beautiful paper but I don’t.

As each day passes and I practice my photoshop skills it becomes more and more obvious that the tools you have on your computer are infinite to produce almost any effect that you want. It has saved me a fortune in film and chemicals and there is even some paper these days that have the wow factor for touch and feel.

As Tom, my youngest, is coming home for a week today I am sharing this image with you which was taken when he was 3, now 21. This image was made using 100 asa Kodak colour film, C41 I believe it was known as, pushed during development to 400 asa. Printed onto Agfa Portriga Rapid paper, chemically toned and then hand coloured with Marshall Oils. That print was then scanned to produce a digital image. I have turned down offers to buy the original, truly a one off.

Looking forward to seeing you son and to our shoot (photographic and clay)

View the image on black and large

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