A week of sunshine and the tulips and daffodils are beginning to show, won’t be long now.

It won’t be long now before the camera goes to the garden again. Today it is just rolling the lawn and aerating it.

I apologise to those of you watching my blog for the delay in this post but it seems to have been hectic around here for the last few days. Tom is home, mother in law needed a desk delivered to Reigate, ‘her indoors’ wanted to have the house cleaned (her cleaners fired her the other day because she moaned too much about their work) and I went up to Birmingham to look around Focus 2010, didn’t spend much cash, and met up with a number of Net Model members. What a crowd they are too, mostly passionate about their photography and a lively bunch. It was so nice to finally put a few faces to those funny handles that you see in the forums.

I was also able to progress a business opportunity a little further, so watch this space I believe we might see national publication soon, fingers crossed.

Today’s image is an aquilegia taken in May last year from the garden. This species is unusual in that it has different coloured flower heads. Easy to grow and tolerate dry or moist soil. They seem to flower from early May until late July in our garden.

The image was taken in aperture priority at F5.6 to allow for the depth of field and get the right bokeh. This meant a shutter speed of 1/100th just enough to take the shot without a tripod. No reflector was used and it was taken late afternoon.

The image was the processed in Raw using my standard settings and colour corrected. In CS4 I added a layer and used the high pass filter, just showing the edges made it an overlay and merged. This added a little more definition the edges of the foreground white aquilegia as well as a little more detail into the petals. Finally used unsharp mask to standard. Cropped, copyrighted and here it is.

View a larger image on black

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