Another Friday

Yes another Friday is upon us and spring is here in full bloom. Haven’t had a model shoot since Studland and beginning to get withdrawal systems. The camera has not been shut away though as the garden provides plenty of willing subjects both animate and inanimate.

They say that a good portrait photographer can get the personality of his subject in the image. Bullshit of course, it would be very difficult to determine the personality of anyone in the time the photographer has with his subject. I believe it is the image that begs the question, I wonder what they are thinking? I always key on the eyes and keep reminding the subject to focus on something not just blankly stare into space.

I am proud of two images this week. The first is my study of Bluebells. Being a small cluster of bright blue blossoms is a challenge in itself. In the past I have been unsuccessful, getting the colour and not the real detail and beauty. I used my wide angled macro lens, lay down on the ground and pointed up at group of blossoms. I wanted to show the blue of the sky and the blue of the flower. I needed to make sure my background was out of focus, bokeh is what they call it now, so used aperture priority and opened the lens up to F4.5. This gave me the added advantage of a fast shutter speed 1/50th of a second. It was a breezy day and I didn’t want any movement. This was the result

The next subject was a chicken. I wanted a head shot. These type of shots take patience and I spent a little while rolling around on the ground amongst my friendly flock of happy hens. Not a bad way to spend some time. Did I capture her personality and are you asking, what is she thinking?

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