The poppies have started and soon we will see roses

Yes the first poppy unfurled from its prickly shell today. Who cares you might think. Well I do as it signals the start of of many more delightful blooms and my two loves, photography and gardening combine to make a summer of enjoyment, God willing and the creek don’t rise. I cannot believe how much ‘Her Indoors’ and I have learnt about gardening in the last five years. Some of my Flickr viewers won’t be as happy because I do like to keep a record of our accomplishments and, more importantly, I am selling more flower images. Need a whole lot more garden art, the meter and a half by meter images on foam board are becoming a popular item, so forgive me if we have fewer model pictures.

With regard to my model work, I have finally come up with my theme for the year’s images and it is “VANITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT”. I cannot believe how much plastic we are using and what it is doing to our environment. It is all because of our vanity and greed. I am now looking for models who can help me with this. Contact me if you think you want to help. It will all be location work and I will travel for the right person.

With today’s image I needed a fast shutter speed, bit of a breeze this morning, and I wanted a low depth of field, concentrating the viewer on the petals. Need to see those crinkles, like a new born babe. Aperture priority with exposure based on an average reading of the whole. Produced F4.5 at 1/800th of a second. The long lens helped with the bokeh. Did not adjust background in photoshop, just tweaked sharpness, levels and curves.

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