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Raunchy, Risky and Rude?

The brief was “Raunchy, Risky and Rude – my interpretation thereof” and this is the one that got chosen. Did it achieve the objective?  You could let me know what you think. I have my own opinion which I will share with you at the end.

This is the image in questionFireSecret 241cs5

Fires Secret – Raunchy, Risky and Rude


The model and client is Fires Secret, an art nude model who is bubbly, hardworking and full of enthusiasm. She had made the comment “I’ve been looking at my portfolio lately.. I’ve decided its too tame! I want to branch out into a more raunchy/risky area. (not adult)”. This sounded like a challenge worth pursuing especially as I was looking at the erotic genre in an earlier blog.

The location was Studland House in Dorset and it was to be our last series of the day. Though I had brought my Bowens lights with me, I decided I wanted to use natural light with a little help from my Nikon SB900 speedlight.

Like my last shoot with Amie, I didn’t want the image to be explicit just erotic. I chose an antiques book as a prop, hoping to add a little humour.

Being late afternoon the light conditions were low and so rather than using the speedlight to fill in shadows, I used it to mimic the daylight coming in from the window, placing it about 8 feet from the model and with a beauty dish modifier from Interfit. Not being close to the model the light was harsher but also covered the subject.

I stood on the bed and used my Nikor 18mm – 35mm lens and, in this instance, at 18mm so it’s widest angle. The camera was set to manual exposure and I used an aperture of F8 which gave me adequate depth of field and a shutter speed of 1/250 sec so that, as I wobbled about perilously above her, the camera would detect no movement.

The image was shot in RAW and processed in CS5RAW editor, sharpening and tweaking levels and curves. Final sharpening in Photoshop using an overlay layer of  High Pass set at 8.5.

Did I succeed? Almost is my answer. What is missing? After discussing it with a few other photographers, one, Andrew Appleton, suggested that it was the lack of tension in the muscles. I have to agree with him but I still enjoy the image and so have a lot of you Flickr followers. You have sent it to the top of my most viewed images in a week with 2,313 views. Great job on the part of Fires Secret. If you haven’t worked with her, you should.

A Portrait of FiresSecret

A Portrait of FiresSecret

Originally uploaded by cstgpa

I thought I would just give you a little taste of Fires Secret who will be the subject of my next blog. A days shoot down in Studland Bay on the south Dorset coast. The only lights I used on the day were natural light with added fill from my Nikon SB900 flashgun and a modifier.

Any guesses what the modifier might have been, the clue is in the image

Another record today…

Yes another record on Flickr, I have recieved over 15,000 views today and mainly thanks to the lovely FiresSecret. I will feature the top viewed from her shoot tomorrow

Thanks to all you regulars and those of you that have joined me for the first time