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Voting 5 to 0 in Favour

That’s right, 5 of you have voted that these videos that I have been working on are helpful and no-one said that I mumbled too much, though I did get a few comments like that on the Net Model forum.

This is the final edit, or perhaps I should say the ‘final quick edit’. This will be explained in the next video which is in the can and awaiting post processing. Hope some of you gain something from the demos.

The weekend is upon us and I intend to take it off. I will post again Monday with a look at Portrait Professional Version 9.

Have a great weekend everyone and whatever you do…… something you enjoy the most.

It's Show Time Folks

CS5 – Layers and Masks Demo

Here we are again, another demo to show the use of layers and masks in Adobe CS5 to replace a background with a texture.

If you want a free texture leave a comment!

I would like to thank the Net Model community for their feedback. I recorded this one before I had those comments and so I still mumble to myself a little when I am concentrating on the edit but I was aware that I drift off occasionally and hopefully this is better.

I do appreciate your feedback and you can find the place to leave comments at the bottom of this post where it says leave a comment.

I will be recording the next segment of this edit later this afternoon, it will be the “Use of Portrait Professional to touch up portraits”. I will go into a lot more depth for this plug in and try not wander off into mumble land again.

In today’s edit we are using Claire, a model who came to me looking for some alternative goth head shots with an 80’s flare. She had some great facial expressions and was a joy to work with. She takes directions well and is bubbly and vivacious. Claire can also be found here.

I will post the final edit in my next posting as it is yet to be completed.

Enjoy and hopefully you get something out of it

Thanks again to CamStudio

CS5 The Patch Tool and Imagenomics Portraiture Demo

Here we are yet again, this time to show how to get rid of those bags under they eyes and skin smoothing with Imagenomics Portraiture plug in for Adobe CS5.

Amie is one of those models that needs little in the way of skin smoothing and this plug in works extremely well for those sort of situations. It does cost around a hundred pounds as compared to the Portrait Professional plug in which costs around £35. Portrait Professional requires a lot more set up time and I don’t think is up to the standard of Imagenomics Portraiture.

Please let me know what you think of this video by making a comment, it only helps me get better at this.

CS5 – Using masks to add a texture

I am on a roll now, another demo for you to watch. It is still a little rough around the edges but certainly shows you the functions. I am using Windows Live Moviemaker to splice the video together and of course CamStudio software to capture my screen.

Adding a background texture using CS5’s quick select and refine edge features. The model is Amie Dodgson or amieboo on net model. This was one of the images I shot with Amie back in February in the half hour shoot we had before she shot off back home up north.

This is the final edited image as shown on Flickr. If you want a copy of the texture, you will have to leave a comment.

Amie - Masks Demo

And here is the demo video

CS5 – Another HDR Toning demonstration

Well here we are again with another demonstration of HDR Toning. In fact it has a little on cropping, curves and sharpening too. I say demonstration because it is the way I do things and having taught myself may not be the recommended way. I suspect that there a lot of you like me out there who struggle along and try and practice, practice, practice. This is for you and I hope it helps.

Please feel free to comment, your feedback will help me to improve. Thanks to all of you that do send me feedback and emails, I know we don’t always agree but that is what helps me focus. Keep them coming.

This is the final image which is linked to Flickr if you want to see the detail of the original, just click on the image

Dogs Catch The Scent

These are the edits made to the image after it had been transferred fro Raw Image Editor of CS5.

Thanks again to CamStudio

Click here to see sum great examples from other photographers.

CS5 HDR Toning

As promised here is the demonstration of the HDR Toning feature of Adobe CS5

CS5 Content Aware

Well that little demo worked quite well. The sound was non existent but I did explain that. Here is another, this time with sound though still not great quality. It would help if I switched off the news, then the dogs barked and I nearly jumped off the sofa.

Anyway, here is an example of the Content Aware Feature, hope you get something from it. It was again produced using the”>CamStudio software which is available at