Another Texture Tutorial

Today’s image that we will dissect is of Amie Dodgson and is in celebration of Halloween.

The image was taken using an off camera strobe with beauty dish modifier. Exposure on strobe increased half a stop over ambient light to darken the background.


A Brave New World

And these are the components


The components

Step 1 – Open the image of Amie, copy the original layer and paste sunset between copies.. See step 1 on chart.

Step 2 – Select the top layer, being the copy of the original Amie, and with the quick selection tool select the background, inverse and use the refine edge tool. When satisfied select on a new layer with a mask and refine the mask to your satisfaction. See step 2 on chart.

Step 3 – Select sunset layer and  transform/scale to 200%. Move until satisfied. Blur with Gaussian blur. See step 3 on chart.

Step 4 – Open moon image, select moon with quick select tool, copy to new layer and paste into working image. Scale and move until satisfied. Reduce opacity to 82%. See step 4 on chart.

Step 5 – Open clouds image, select all and copy. Paste as a new layer on working image. Create a mask and mask out over moon and upper half of Amie. Reduce opacity to 48%. See step 5 on chart.

Step 6 – flatten layers and sharpen using Filters/other/high pass at 3.5 and at 75% opacity. copy original layer, set to hard light at 25% opacity and then copy again and set to hard light at 10% opacity. and then you have the final version. See step 6 on chart.

A Brave New World Method

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