Balancing Tungsten to Daylight

Today I am using another set I shot with Amie Dodgson in The Old Inn in Holton.  The challenge on this was to balance daylight and tungsten. I chose this first image because I love the illusion that it creates. It may be just me but it looks like she is resting her elbows on her knees, whereas it is just a reflection.

The Illusion

I wanted to see the effects of the tungsten spots on Amie but I didn’t want the colour cast to dominate the image. The light coming in from the window was quite dim and needed boosting. I used my SB900 with the soft box modifier from Interfit Strobies. On manual I set the speedlight to 1/4 stop under the reading from the tungsten spots. This allowed the tungsten o her arm to come through but also gave a true skin tone overall.

Here are a few more from the set


Won't anyone buy me a drink?

Guinness gives me strength

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