CS5 – An old argument

There is an argument that using photoshop to create an image is an abomination, yes you should tweak the levels and curves (Brightness and Contrast) and add a bit of sharpening but that is it. Anything you do can only emulate the old darkroom.

Matt Miller (http://www.mattmiller-photography.com/ ) , a photographer whose work I always enjoy, is a strong advocate of the ‘if it is not in the original image, it shouldn’t be there’ brigade. A brave stance where not many have the imagination or the eye for detail, in which the combination of the both is the key. If you click the link just be prepared, Mr. Miller has a wild imagination which can shock but certainly will get a response. It is for over 18’s though.

I am of the belief that you should use every tool available to create an image of your imagination. In the old days, I hated the fact that you lost control when the airbrush artists took over. I am finding it quite a challenge to find out how to use the tools available especially as it is all self taught and takes hours of practice. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement you have shown on my Flickr photostream over the last couple of years as I shared my photoshop journey.

For those of you that want to see more of my practice with CS5, I will be sharing my HDR toning with Amie Dodson in my next post.


2 responses to “CS5 – An old argument

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  2. Hi Bet365

    The theme is one from WordPress which I have adapted with my own images. thanks for dropping by

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