CS5 – Another HDR Toning demonstration

Well here we are again with another demonstration of HDR Toning. In fact it has a little on cropping, curves and sharpening too. I say demonstration because it is the way I do things and having taught myself may not be the recommended way. I suspect that there a lot of you like me out there who struggle along and try and practice, practice, practice. This is for you and I hope it helps.

Please feel free to comment, your feedback will help me to improve. Thanks to all of you that do send me feedback and emails, I know we don’t always agree but that is what helps me focus. Keep them coming.

This is the final image which is linked to Flickr if you want to see the detail of the original, just click on the image

Dogs Catch The Scent

These are the edits made to the image after it had been transferred fro Raw Image Editor of CS5.

Thanks again to CamStudio

Click here to see sum great examples from other photographers.

4 responses to “CS5 – Another HDR Toning demonstration

  1. well it is great to share those tips and knowledge with others (: and i guess each of us has their way of doing things, nothing is wrong or right , in the opposite, it helps get more creativity out imho 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment, I agree that there is no right or wrong way to do it. I always follow your blog with interest often gleaning the odd tip. So thanks again for your comment and for your blog which caan be found here http://www.adidap.com/

  3. Amazing! You did a fantastic job. You should write regularly!

  4. Thank you Ann, I will take your advice, I have a plan for next year which will help me achieve this, thanks again for commenting

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