CS5 – Layers and Masks Demo

Here we are again, another demo to show the use of layers and masks in Adobe CS5 to replace a background with a texture.

If you want a free texture leave a comment!

I would like to thank the Net Model community for their feedback. I recorded this one before I had those comments and so I still mumble to myself a little when I am concentrating on the edit but I was aware that I drift off occasionally and hopefully this is better.

I do appreciate your feedback and you can find the place to leave comments at the bottom of this post where it says leave a comment.

I will be recording the next segment of this edit later this afternoon, it will be the “Use of Portrait Professional to touch up portraits”. I will go into a lot more depth for this plug in and try not wander off into mumble land again.

In today’s edit we are using Claire, a model who came to me looking for some alternative goth head shots with an 80’s flare. She had some great facial expressions and was a joy to work with. She takes directions well and is bubbly and vivacious. Claire can also be found here.

I will post the final edit in my next posting as it is yet to be completed.

Enjoy and hopefully you get something out of it

Thanks again to CamStudio

4 responses to “CS5 – Layers and Masks Demo

  1. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it, I found the delivery and information spot on.

  2. Thank you Bisk for taking the time to comment, I am working on a few more so come back.

  3. always good to see an informative tutorial

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