A Tribute to Fires Secret

This was posted as a comment to this image in my Flickr Photostream. Fires Secret and I send our thanks to Sigpho from Toronto, Canada for the very kind words.. As he says Fires Secret is a model who is easy to work with and develops on ideas well, has full facial expressions and good movement of her body. One should not forget armology…read The Stigs critiques in a Net Model Forum for an amusing look at this word…Sharon’s armology is not to be faulted.

I think FireSecret is an outstanding model with lots of great energy. I enjoyed what I’ve seen of her in your photostream. She has a great look, beautiful face and hair, great body and bone structure and seems to be willing to work with your creativity – it doesn’t get much better than that. Great job both of you, wondeful work.

A Portrait of Fires Secret

2 responses to “A Tribute to Fires Secret

  1. marianne davies

    gotta say she is amazingly gorgeous and a model one day I would love to work with
    Marianne xx

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