Tips for Models from Cheryl Elizabeth

I just read this on a Net Model Forum and I thought I should share with you all in light of my current blog project Top Tips for Models.

Cheryl Elizabeth

Cheryl Elizabeth is one of the top Internet Models on sites such as Net Model, Purestorm and Model Mayhem and her advice is sound.

This was her advice to models verbatim

Someone recently and anonymously asked me ‘What advice would you give to models trying to become as successful as you?’ on my formspring account.

This, below was my answer. Only seven pointers, but hope some of this helps!


1. Genuinely love your face/body. You were born this way and this is who you are. Love how you look, there is no success for anyone who doesn’t love what he/she is trying to flaunt.

2. Many people start modelling to boost their confidence. This is all very well but you must have a degree of confidence to start with. There is little use doing it (seriously) purely to gain it from having very little. (Also don’t forget there is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance!)

3. I’m not saying by any means you have to do nude work. But open up any top fashion mag when you get the chance. I guarantee you’ll see nudity, nipples and all sorts. I may get slandered for this, but I genuinely believe you are limiting yourself if you refuse to work to any types if nude levels. Over 18s only of course!

4. Get to know your genres of modelling. The fashion world is very different from the glamour. Commercial covers a WHOLE range of styles. There is no real market in the UK for art nude (I just do it for fun and unleash my artistic creativity – why the Hell not?) Also, do you want to try freelance or try getting signed to an agency? Modelling has so many vast opportunities – you may find yourself in a very different industry to what you were expecting! Do your research on what you want to get into (be reasonable – age, height and build may restrict you from some categories)

5. Remember, modelling is acting. An important point in becoming as successful as you can is being as versatile as you possibly can. Be expressive with your face – this is often very hard, especially in fashion when the expressions are ultra subtle.. but definitely there.

6. Just remember that whatever route you might want to go down, there will be a LOT of hard work, travelling and giving up your own time, energy and money to get just a little way along. You will often find yourself doing admin / emails for hours after shoots, day in day out and also if you eventually become self employed, you have all receipts to keep, spreadsheets of finances to document and your tax to sort out each year – maybe even hire an accountant to help out.

7. Finally, do not part with any money to be signed to an agency. Agencies generally do not charge. They are there to find you paid work, not charge you – so be very wary of scams.

Go visit Cheryl Elizabeth’s blog it is well worth a visit.

Another of Cheryl Elizabeth

Are there any tips you would like to add, just sign in below?

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