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Especially for you dog lovers

The assignment for this afternoon was to take some pictures of my neighbour’s six week old golden retriever puppies. There were eight puppies and all have been sold bar two. A photographer’s life is not so bad, lying out in the sun and watching little bundles of fur playing and capturing the moments for posterity.

Obviously no flash today and a fast shutter speed. F6.5 at 1/350th gave plenty of depth of field. I wanted sharp and was able to shoot at 200 ISO. Finally I had chosen my 18 to 55 Nikon lens so that I could get down with the little critters and catch them at their level. They tire easily and quickly so time was of the essence.

I was able to produce 26 edited images within 2 hours from shoot through edit which can be seen on my Flickr Photostream .

Here are two of my favorites.

Give Us A Hug

And Who Are You?

The Holly Budge Eco Chic Collection

I haven’t done a product shoot in 30 years. It never was my favourite side to photography but when I saw Holly Budge again and she showed me what she had, I couldn’t resist the challenge. She needed a shot of 50 different products both necklaces and bracelets, fabulous colours and all manufactured using eco-friendly materials. In our initial discussions Holly had indicated that she would prefer to see no shadows and have the product on a white background.

I decided to do a test prior to the day of the shoot to show how the product would look in a shadow-less environment. Knowing that most of the shots would have to be shot from directly above filled me with dread. The Bowens Ringflash adapter is clumsy at the best of times and to have to use it on a boom gave me visions of climbing and falling off ladders. So I set up the product on a translucent light table. I underlit the product with an unbrella and used the ringflash contraption as my key.
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