Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


The Studland shoots are always worth being involved with. The location is stunning with a magnificently furnished house, a greenhouse and grounds that go on forever down to the beach.

I was booked in for this shoot on February 1st and decided I would try and challenge myself, working with two models instead of concentrating on one. I felt I would be able to handle 5 set ups on the day and wanted to use a different light for each. Wanting to get the best from the day I worked up some ideas into a brief.

The story for the day was to be Harmony (With Nature). We live on this planet for a short time and seem to have “Not a care in the world”. We continue to make “Mistakes” while others watch on. With the internet we have lost our “Innocence” and should know better. It is our “Arrogance” that makes us attempt to better Nature. Why cannot we strive to be in “Harmony” with Her instead.

I knew I would need the help of a stylist and immediately contacted Nikita Sablier whose work I had been following with interest. She was as keen as mustard to get involved and the models were very happy with my ideas. Working with Nikki was a joy and we didn’t need the 3 months.

The Game was afoot…

DATE: April 16th 2011 09:30 until 17:00
Photographer: CStGPA
Models: MonModel and Raphaella
Stylist/MUA: Nikita Sablier

Jewellry by Holly Budge

Set 1 Brief – “Not a Care in the World”

Commercial (Stock)- Pillow fight in natural light, nightwear with bright colours (Benetton comes to mind), fun and frolic, possibly sleep over, overall impression of innocence but still sexy. I will be shooting at fast shutter speeds to capture the action and expressions.

Location – Bedroom
Make-Up – Natural.
Hair – Loose and messy
Wardrobe – Similar design of night wear of bright colours. Can be shorts and tops or knickers and T Shirts but must be matching as if we are selling the set.
2 pillows (CStGPA)
Sack of soft toys

The day arrived and Nikki and I along with Holly Budge and her partner ‘Biscuit’ came prepared and hopeful for a great day. The weather was in our favour, cloudy but with sunny spells.

I started with ‘Innocence’ because I felt it would help warm up the models and make them more relaxed for the other sets. Natural light in the room was minimal and would need a boost. I used my soft box to simulate the window light, setting it to the left of camera and shining down at a 45 degree angle. Using a setting of 3 on the Bowens was enough that I could use 1/160th sec for my shutter speed at F9. This would give me ample DOF and still capture any movement. We started and the models were a little stilted, posing after each click. This wasn’t working for me and so I encouraged them to get into the pillow fight and forget about the camera. It wasn’t long before we had it in the bag and this was the result


The inspiration for this shot was realised from studying what stock libraries wanted and would sell. My take is a picture that tells a story while being fun and attracting viewers. It should be timeless and have no time stamp. I have now submitted some to my stock libraries and only time will tell if I hit the mark. Keep your fingers crossed.

If you said yes to that poll you would have been wrong. It will be dated because of the IPod cotraption on the bed-stand. This one should meet the brief.

Innocence - My Pick

Come back to read the set ups for all the other sets in my next Journal Entry

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