KXSS – Product Photography Assignment

The Brief –
1 Provide 65 product stock shots for web in colour in front of white background
2 Provide 10 High Resolution Images for Press Releases
3 Provide 5 High Resolution images for poster boards in shop. 2 x double-sided 81cm x 52 cm, 2 x double-sided 52 cm x 52 cm and one single-sided 127cm x 81.65
4 Provide 12 A4 prints for in store display

Project start date 5 September 2011 and completed 30 September 2011

The product started arriving on the 5th and it was a mixture from bottles to socks. The trick to any product shot is good lighting and organisation. Use both and you are bound to get good results. I used a light box made of cotton white translucent material. Lit from above for the key light and the sides for background, 3 lights in all. By marking the centre spot you can align all the products to be shot and make the final cropping an action which can be done as a batch.

As I continued to shoot the product I made sure my two models would be around for the shoot. The models were Joel who I found through Net Model and Gus from Model Mayhem.

Shoot day for the hunks in trunks was attended by the two model’s, the client and myself, with occasional appearances of her indoors when she ironed something. We had 25 changes to get through with both studio and location looks to achieve. Time went well for us and the models understood what was needed of them and we finished by three. Lighting for the studio was with a soft box feathered against the torso, beauty dish high and left and beauty dish low and right allowing for balanced shadows. We would be looking for 2 large prints in black and white, I wanted contrast.

We then finished off the products and we are ready to go.

Here are the results

Chosen for press pack


Too sexy for shop

Too Sexy


The Robe

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