Do you like Iguanas?

On a recent assignment I was asked to get images of market stalls, sorry I should say shops, within a mini mall in Birmingham called Plaza Malls. Between the two locations it has around 60 stalls selling anything from electronics to the new feet in fish craze. The Mall has to be a mall rather than a market for reasons only government bureaucratic red tape can untangle. It definitely has market prices, the butcher and baker had me reaching into my pocket with the bargains on offer. I delivered 64 edited images to to my client within 72 hours.

I will add a link to their web site as soon as I can so that you can see the results and get the address. If you live in Birmingham it is well worth a visit even if only for an eighty pence mug of excellent coffee.

One of the shops was a pet store which specialised in lizards and snakes. These two iguanas have been in the company of these two lads who run the shop for nine years. They have another one at home. Not a fan of snakes I am afraid but the varieties of lizards was amazing. They even breed their own and had several pregnant ladies in their tanks.

I suspect you might be seeing this image appear in people and places


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