What does a Deluxe package get me?

The title is certainly one of the most asked questions but it is generally followed by and how much more will it cost me?

I can answer both of those questions easily. To the first, read on and to the second….not another nickle or dime.

The best way to tell you what a model gets with the Deluxe Package is to give you a recent case history.

Subject: AnnieMoya (be warned if you follow this link that the subject matter is not for kids)

Annie Moya

Annie is a professional art nude model who contacted me because she needed some natural head-shots and some clothed images to show her versatility. We had a telephone conversation and discussed ideas, we set out a rough outline of what we would do and decided on what wardrobe and accessories Annie would bring with her. We also discussed if she would need a make-up and hair-stylist and she decided against.

The initial inquiry was on a Monday and the shoot was arranged for Friday. The day arrived and I picked Annie up from the station at 10:30 in the morning and went off for our day’s adventure in the studio.

Coffee and Jaffa cakes were served as we sat and discussed what we wanted to accomplish and what was needed from both of us to achieve the best results. Annie is an experienced model but, as silly as it sounds, admitted that she felt more comfortable in front of the camera nude and that she felt a bit awkward in clothes.

Choosing a basic make-up and natural hair we got started and the image above is the selection that Annie made. The lighting was a four light set up. Soft box, above subject and close, almost touching her hair. Key light was a soft lite to right of model and at eye level and the back drop was a 6′ X 7′ Lastolite Hi-Lite background lit with basic reflectors on Bowens Esprit flash heads. These were balanced so as not to blow highlight but keep it white.

Second set was slightly more make-up, little more blusher and slightly darker eyes.

Red hair, freckles and blue eyes

Lighting changed so that the soft box became the key, moving it forward and facing down at an angle of 45 degrees. Second light moved to balance any shadows but not eliminate them. Rear lights were again balanced to avoid burn out.

Next was a beautifully coloured kimono, so darker again on make-up and I suggested the magnificent head of hair be tied back. Annie was a little reluctant at first because she felt her forehead was too prominent in this fashion. Being the sport that she is and, as I pointed out, she had nothing like it in her current portfolio. ( she still doesn’t which makes me giggle a little). After a slow start and with a little encouragement and direction, she was off and we got some great captues, Here are two, remembering we are after head-shots and if lucky something different for her portfolio.

Kimono Head Shot

and a 3/4 length, had to photoshop her nipple out, pesky little thing kept popping out and this is supposed to be clothed.

Kimono 3/4 length

Moving on we decided to keep with the Kimono and go wild with the hair. Annie thought I had gone nuts but I knew what I wanted. Yes I did change the lights and if I get enough request will expound or you can guess. Here are the results

Laughing Kimono

and even wilder

Even Wilder

We then moved on to a slightly harder and slightly raunchy look. Darker eyes, blusher under the chin, and a one light let up. Not a soft box. We were working in a confined space in this but I also wanted a certain amount of distortion so changed over to a wide angle lens…

Annie’s choice of head-shot was this one

Annie in black and white

And this was the bonus which she enetered into BPOD on Net Model and won, my second win this month thanks to those kind people who voted for me.

A Winner

We had an hour left and decided to shoot some latex, Rock Chick style

Rock Chick

Annie in Latex

We finished and I drove Annie back to the station to catch the 8:30 pm with 8 prints and a CD with those images. On Monday she had 50 fully edited images available for upload which you can view here. Job done.

She is great to work with and you should contact her if you are looking for a photographic model.

So now you know what you get in the Deluxe Package why not contact me and start your adventure.

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