Guest Post – Matt Harper’s Top Tips for Newbie Glamour Models

Matt Harper has been a professional photographer for the last 5 years and beside exciting his clients with his wedding and portrait photography, he also specializes in Glamour and has worked with many established and aspiring models to produce some stunning glamour images. In fact he is affectionately known as General Gusset by his peers.


I needed to add to my series of Top Tips For Models and asked Matt to give his advice on this blog, which he graciously agreed to do. Here are his words of wisdom but if you continue the content may not be suitable for children.

When I am shooting glamour, the idea is to make you look as sexy and desirable as I can, while sticking to the limits you or I have.

Achieving provocative images that are A, going to make you look as I described and/or B, are going to attract other photographers and make them want to shoot you means we have to shoot in poses you may not have considered, may be worried about, angles that make you wonder what the heck is that going to look like?

Positions you are going to wonder...

There are levels and levels.

Levels as in what you want to do, how much to show and what poses you are happy to be seen in and levels as in where you are headed.

There is a living to be made from just posing for amateur and some professional photographers who obtain their models from Internet sites, there is also the published end, as in printed material. Most of this is likely to be very explicit.

In addition, there are certain internet sites who have a need for images ranging from the more “tease” style through to very hard core pornography. The step from Glamour. as it is perceived to Pornography is an easy one to “trip” on. Be very aware that if a photographer asks you for this kind of posing, it will either sold and then appear on one or many web sites, or, you might not like this, for his (or her) own personal use. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that.

Think of your family too. Whilst some of this sounds seedy, if you don’t mind exposing all, you can make good money, depending on where you go, it could be from £100 to £400 a DAY. Sounds awesome, WOW, two grand a week, think of all the clothes you could buy, all those shoes!

While you might get a day rate like that, you are unlikely to be able to do it five days a week, one reason being there isn’t enough work there and two, you will be physically worn out after a day posing and concentrating.

However, keeping to limits, not going too far, not having grand ideas of fame and fortune, you can make a nice extra income for a few years. Those few years could be five, maybe twenty, all depends on how good you look, how you look after yourself, if you decide to have kids etc etc.

Posing for Glamour

When I shoot my glamour style, I ask girls to pose in a way that is very sexual, although I don’t shoot porn, your bits and bobs are not what I shoot, it is more the tease element, it’s nearly there, but it isn’t. It is about how a pair of knickers can hide things but the resultant image makes you look shockingly sexy. One has to be honest, these days, boobs are nothing, they are in many daily newspapers, there is nothing that outrageous about topless any more.

Nothing Outrageous

Further down, well, that is different. The phrase tits and bums, tits and ass, so commonly used and they make up a huge part of glamour. Then there is nude glamour, nude doesn’t mean porn, it can be beautifully done, subtle, not revealing at all.

The moment you open your legs while nude, you are in new territory, so be sure you know what you are doing and why, from your point of view and why the photographer is shooting that style.

Scary stuff, lots of pitfalls, lots to think about,

Do just that, think about it, talk to people you know and trust, look for genuine advice from people who have experience both sides of the camera.

These days, it is possible to find people for advice as communication has never been easier.

One response to “Guest Post – Matt Harper’s Top Tips for Newbie Glamour Models

  1. This is the first time that I have come across such an excellently written article and I wholly agree that Models should think about what they want to do, achieve and willing to consider when looking at what level they are working to. As a photographer, I have never asked a model to go beyond the agreed levels, which I always confirm before I even meet a model. If we all follow the basic set of rules and continue to appreciate what both the Model and Photographer is ageeing to, then hopefully we will be able to continue our work, hobby, fun for years to come.

    I am glad someone has taken the time to put this in writing, and I only wish there was a guidance page for both models and photographers to look at before deciding on what levels they want to work to.

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