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CS5 – Layers and Masks Demo

Here we are again, another demo to show the use of layers and masks in Adobe CS5 to replace a background with a texture.

If you want a free texture leave a comment!

I would like to thank the Net Model community for their feedback. I recorded this one before I had those comments and so I still mumble to myself a little when I am concentrating on the edit but I was aware that I drift off occasionally and hopefully this is better.

I do appreciate your feedback and you can find the place to leave comments at the bottom of this post where it says leave a comment.

I will be recording the next segment of this edit later this afternoon, it will be the “Use of Portrait Professional to touch up portraits”. I will go into a lot more depth for this plug in and try not wander off into mumble land again.

In today’s edit we are using Claire, a model who came to me looking for some alternative goth head shots with an 80’s flare. She had some great facial expressions and was a joy to work with. She takes directions well and is bubbly and vivacious. Claire can also be found here.

I will post the final edit in my next posting as it is yet to be completed.

Enjoy and hopefully you get something out of it

Thanks again to CamStudio

CS5 – Using masks to add a texture

I am on a roll now, another demo for you to watch. It is still a little rough around the edges but certainly shows you the functions. I am using Windows Live Moviemaker to splice the video together and of course CamStudio software to capture my screen.

Adding a background texture using CS5’s quick select and refine edge features. The model is Amie Dodgson or amieboo on net model. This was one of the images I shot with Amie back in February in the half hour shoot we had before she shot off back home up north.

This is the final edited image as shown on Flickr. If you want a copy of the texture, you will have to leave a comment.

Amie - Masks Demo

And here is the demo video

More Free Textures

Here are some more free textures, don’t forget to give me credit if used. Thanks

Texture 10 – Night Sky

Texture 11 – Night Sky

Another Texture for free

As I am playing with textures I decided I ought to make my own, Here is another one and feel free to use it. If you do please give me a credit. Thanks Remember you can download the high resolution texture from my Flickr account.

More FREE Textures

Here are a couple more textures for general use, remember to give a credit if you do use one. Thanks

This is the bark of a plum tree

and this is the bark of a false acacia

cstgpa - View my recent photos on Flickriver


I have noticed more and more photographers using textures of various sorts in their images. I must admit I have been playing with them a little myself. Here are a couple that I have made myself which I have not copyrighted. Feel free to use them and you can get a high resolution copy from Flickr, linked.

If you do use them remember to give a credit (Texture by CStGPA). Thanks and have fun.

The first is dead ivy leaves

The second a stone wall