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Can you get a good shot when there are showers?

I was asked if you could get good shots on the beach when it was overcast and showers. Here is Amie on Bournemouth beach on 30th March last year in exactly those conditions. We were dashing back and forth to the van to avoid the rain and had to simulate some sun with an off camera strobe. So what is the answer, can you?


In The Rain

So girls and boys don’t be afraid of getting a little wet. You can still get a shot for your portfolio when rain is predicted and falls.

Lightroom 4 – continued review

In my last post I gave a brief review of Lightroom 4 Beta. I stated that I was having a problem when I uploaded an image to Flickr.

Petesky came up with this solution:

“Ok, checked your blog. Now I see what you mean. I had exactly the same problem as you with lightoom. Lightoom default is to export images (to an editing program) as Prophoto RGB.You need to go into Edit-Peferences-External Editing and change it to sRGB.”

That did sort it and so thank you Petesky.

I decided to give it another go and edited one of this series of 15 images and then synchronised. All the images were updated and no firther edits were made before I used the slide show function to produce the video below.

Verdict cannot wait for my jewelry shoot on February 4, the post production work has just been cut down to about 10 minutes.

Model Photography Casting

I am still looking for models for my personal project of a series of naughty postcards.

Are you interested then look at this page and contact me.

Naughty Postcard 2

Guest Post – Matt Harper’s Top Tips for Newbie Glamour Models

Matt Harper has been a professional photographer for the last 5 years and beside exciting his clients with his wedding and portrait photography, he also specializes in Glamour and has worked with many established and aspiring models to produce some stunning glamour images. In fact he is affectionately known as General Gusset by his peers.


I needed to add to my series of Top Tips For Models and asked Matt to give his advice on this blog, which he graciously agreed to do. Here are his words of wisdom but if you continue the content may not be suitable for children.
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Tips for Models from Cheryl Elizabeth

I just read this on a Net Model Forum and I thought I should share with you all in light of my current blog project Top Tips for Models.

Cheryl Elizabeth

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Top Model Tips – Part 2

In my earlier Top Tips For Models post it was all about which genre of modelling suits you best. This post is some advice on how to get started.

Sell Yourself With Your Images

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In this age of the internet it appears to me that there are a huge number of girls wanting to be a ‘model’. This posting today is for those of you out there who are thinking about it or just starting out with a few helpful hints and warnings. Sorry it is not in textspeak but I hope it still gets through.

A Commercial Model

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