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Happy Easter

I would just like to wish all my followers and anyone new popping in for a visit a very happy Easter.

I would also like to ask The Daily Telegraph why they repeated their easy crossword from last Sunday? Spoilsports.

Roses are Red

Don’t eat too much chocolate and I hope you are with your close family.

Time to vote for your favourite model

As most of you know, we have been running a model of the month competition on Net Model.

The prize is £100 CASH

We have 57 entrants who can be seen by clicking here

We need your vote now, after you have entered the page scroll down to the bottom and select one model, scroll again to the bottom of the page and press vote.

You only get one vote

A pillow fight

Thought you might all enjoy this.

I shot it at Studland this year with Raphaella and Monika and the help of Nikita Sablier for the styling.

Click here to see the pillow fight

Being a tourist in my home town

Last night I spent the night in London, the place where I grew up but left many years ago now. I must say I felt like a country bumpkin and according to ‘her indoors’ also looked like one. It was the dilapidated 20 year old Barber I am sure

I went for my first London Net Model gathering and another rowdy bunch they were too.

I especially enjoyed my wander around Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. The sights, sounds and smells were a delight. Christmas is definitely upon us with carol singers singing in the square itself and the buskers wailing out Christmassy things.

I stayed at my sister’s flat down on Shad Thames, no view from there but great surrounds and some marvelous pictures by Joe Cornish. The new one sitting on the floor would make anyone drool. A London scene that makes you gasp.

I woke up this morning later than normal, no chickens, dogs and cats to attend to, so did not catch the golden light. As I walked to the tube station, I couldn’t resist this one, Hope you enjoy it.

Tower Bridge - A December morning

Good to be back home in front of a warm fire but thank you little sister for your hospitality, I switched everything off that was supposed to be switched off and left the sheets on the bed in case we come back again soon.


The Poll closes Sunday

Still trying to decide which Gallery to start first to my web site. So far 19 votes and Amie leads the pack.

Make your voice heard and vote now

Want to be a Vargas Pin Up?

I am still looking for girls to be in my Varga Girl Calendar.

If you are interested in and want to apply, go to this page of my journal and read the casting.

Miss Pixie

New Front to my business card

Playing with those images to imitate a Calvin Kline ad gave me an idea. I thought why not use one as a front to my business card. I think this fits in with the new branding.

Do you?

Business card - Fashion and Beauty

If you want to know how it was done, click on yes in the poll below, if I get enough responses I will do a blog on it.