You can win £100

Thanks to the inability of the Net Model administrators to provide a simple safety statement to new models which was promised coming up for a year ago, I have saved some money by not having to pay my Platinum membership dues.

There may be a lot of things wrong with NM which many have already expounded upon but one of the biggest problems in this old fart’s opinion is that we don’t have enough active models, though I have noticed a few more popping up recently which is encouraging.

I have decided to donate part of my savings back into a competition and three other  photographers I know have also donated £25

The ‘Enemer’s’ February Model of the month.

The winner getting a £100 cash prize.

Nominations can not be made here go to this link on Net Model.


Models must be over 16 (male or female) and reside in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland

Models must be a current member of Net Model (Free or Premium) as of 25 January 2012.

The model must have a completed model portfolio on Net Model that contains three images minimum and one of those images must be suitable for a non adult audience and appropriate for a site which is open to all ages. Please also make sure your notes, statistics and levels are filled out.


Nominations will only be made by the model wishing to participate. No third party nominations accepted.

The nomination entry onto the thread should include your name, a link to an image that is non-adult on your Net Model portfolio and shows your face (This image must remain on your portfolio until the winner is announced. If it is removed so will your nomination be). You may also leave a ten word comment as to why people should vote for you.

Nominations will be accepted until 29 February 2012.


Anyone can vote but only once and you can vote for yourself. The poll is now open. The votes are anonymous and only I will be able to see the results until the winner is announced. I would like to think that those who cast their votes have modelling in mind rather than just mates favours but that will be down to the voter’s conscience.

Absolutely no canvassing for votes on any social media sites or any of the internet modelling sites or the entry will be void and scrapped from the competition AND THE NOMINATION REMOVED FROM THE BALLOT. I encourage you to talk up the competition but please don’t directly ask for votes.

The winner will be announced on Friday 2nd March 2012 at the South Coast Net Model Social being organised by Rachael8708 Venue: Old Customs House – Gunwharf Quays – Portsmouth – PO1 3TY Time: 19:00.

I would like to thank Tony Nutley, Gary Wallace and a third anonymous photographer who each contributed £25 to the prize money.

Good luck and let’s have some nominations

Please be aware that by clicking on any of the model’s links that you will probably encounter images not suitable for children

Nomination 1 – FiresSecret

“… if you are naked while reading this”


Nomination 2 – AnnieMoya

“Vote for me because I’m a versatile model with massive red hair!”


3) Rebecca Amy

“February. Come Back Month. RebeccaAmy, BOOM!”

Rebecca Amy

4) Leah__Axl

“Vote for me if you enjoy my work! Thank you.”

Leah Axl


“Over five years’ modelling, now helping other models succeed too”

Anita De Bauch

6) Rachael8708

“Please vote for me if you like what I do…”


7) Cheryl Elizabeth

“I think I’m pretty versatile, please vote for me if you like my work”

Cheryl Elizabeth

8) Kalygulina

“I’ve never won competitions like this before, it’ll boost confidence!”


9) Nikkia

“I’m a fun, character model… always happy trying new styles!”


10) Dynamo

“I work hard and play hard and love what I do.”


11) Autumn UK

“This year expect to see a lot more from me”

Autumn UK

12) Viola Elisabeth

“My name is Viola Elisabeth and I m not easy to handle,but I love what I do…”

Viola Elisabeth

13) Emma Willis

“Over three years on, still going strong”

Emma Willis

14) Violet Ecstasy

“I’ve got no chance competing against all these lovelies but…”

Violet Ecstasy

15) Zenith

“Now running safety/guidance service for new models – stay safe!”


16) SarahJaneModel

“I’m versatile, creative and older ladies are loads more fun ”


17) Sami C

“Because I’m new-ish, fun and hard working”

Sami C

18) Poppymclean

“Why vote for me; Why not?!”

Poppy McLean

19) Helen Diaz

“Crazy, quirky, unpredictable, fun, memorable.”

Helen Diaz

20) Victoria Summers

“Please vote for me if you enjoy my work”

Victoria Summers

21) JenSomerfield

“The best things come in small packages”

Jen Somerfield

22) Kimberleybristol

“Doing it for the old school models and the Bristolions ones ”


23) Junction

“.because you need a male model”


24) Syndari

“I want to carry on and make amazing images, 2012 will see me at my best yet”


25) ChaleyVictoria

“Ive come a long way since my early days on Net Model”


26) HannahAslea

“After 3 years in U.K, I’ll take HK by STORM!”

Hannah Ashlea

27) Aprilpink

“Keeping it real for plus size women and Red heads”


28) honey_b

“7 years modelling with back problems, just been diagnosed with hip-joint problems.”


29) Steph Howitt

“Because I work my ass off”

Steph Howitt

30) Jodie_Model

“I’m getting old now”


31) Soulfulstar

“Vote for me please”


32) KimmyLouise

“Well thought I would join in…Would be nice to get at least one vote though”


33) CarolAdams

“Disabled model still turning out new images, need new wheelchair”


34) Sinopa_Rin

“Why not? Y’all got trouble now – I’m 18 this year”


35) SkyblueLoulou

“because I am different and quirky”


36) MrsC

“MrsC, 46 heading towards 47 and enjoying every moment modelling ”


37) KirstyGreen

“Ready and willing Flexible Kirsty. Please vote me”


38) Onabella

“I need the money to pay my tuition fees”


39) Shive

“..because 2012 has got to be my year”


40) S_Olivia

“Looking forward to my first full year of modelling!”


51) Claire

“Netmodel feels like home, and I will always be grateful”


52) LynseyJayes

“Would love to celebrate the ending of my pregnancy work ”


53) Natural Happy Girl

“The imagination of today is the reality of tomorrow”

Natural Happy Girl

54) OpheliaHart

“Because Lingerie costs a fortune when you’ve got more up front”


55) Joel Hicks

“Because I’m so poor I just traded my cow for some magic beans…”

Joel Hicks

56) EmmWood

“Because I’ve just totally relaunched myself, and hoping this year things really take off!”

Emm Wood

57)Anna Phoenix

“Because I brave any conditions and I love my modelling.”

Anna Phoenix

58) Rachelle Emily

“Model, Actress, Singer – I never get a break!”

Rachelle Emily

59) Elfin

“Because 48 hours after ‘comeback-gate’ I’d posted the results of an extremely short notice shoot – I love you all THAT much”


27 responses to “You can win £100

  1. That was tricky. I have 4 favourite models and unfortunately they are all on this list, dammit

  2. They’re all great and I keep moving my selection from one to another…but my vote goes to the one who has worked the hardest for it.

  3. Very hard choice between Rachael and Poppy. In the end I had to go with the greater impact of the selected photo for the contest.

  4. Thanx as always
    for YOUR


  5. Great natural picture and pose from Gitte – love it.

  6. Just an old man’s obsession 🙂

  7. Difficult choice, so many fantastic models

  8. Difficult choice. In the end I went for Poppy forthe simplicity and natural look. great eye contact which drew me in

  9. Once again, well done for a great initiative Chris. I’ve voted!

  10. Flaming difficult but I’ve made my choice. Great idea and good luck to my choice.

  11. Amazing model with killer looks!!!
    Got my vote!!

  12. As an added bonus and if it is OK with Chris I would like to add a complete portfolio build photoshoot with me to the winner

  13. Great idea, well done for organising !

  14. so many beautiful models/images. very hard to choose just one 🙂

  15. A vote for Kimmy to be sure she gets a vote; Keep up the good work 🙂

  16. Some lovely girls here but AnnieM gets my vote

  17. So many great models and pictures that if it was just the images alone I got no idea where I would go but in the decided vote for someone that I had worked with which was so nearly one of my bestest friends and an amazing model, Cheryl Elizabeth but then decided on Sasha because at 38 weeks pregnant she still looked amazing, where nothing was too much trouble and even chose to shoot outside in her underwear in January. Fantastic model, totally committed and always a joy to work with.

  18. cos she kicks ass!!

  19. Some stunning images of some of NM’s best, but in the end and being honest having 4/5 ladies in the poll i want to shoot i had to go with the image that jumped at me the first time i saw it, all because of the deepness and colour of her eyes, and that image is the headshot of Sinopa Rin,

  20. I voted for SoulfulStar, not because she use my pic, but because I think aside from her modelling she is starting to produce some lovely photographs in her own right as a photographer. Kit is expensive and she had a lens fall apart on her recently and I know she would love to replace it 🙂
    On top of that she works hard organising the Cardiff socials, and produces her own photographic magazine. She works harder than most and I think she thoroughly deserves the dough! 🙂

  21. I voted for Mel Soulful Star as she works really hard as a model and photographer and she also works really hard organising socials and studio days for other people. She’s awesome.
    I’m sorry I’m not there i put my reason on net model it’s nothing personal 🙂

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