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Have you tried Silver Effex Pro by Nik Software?

I downloaded a trial of Silver Effex Pro by Nik Software.

What a find. It operates in Lightroom and CS5 smoothly.

There are a lot of presets which can be tweaked very precisely. I am impressed at it’s ease of use and flexibility.

Here are a few results, hope you like them

Sinopa Rin at Studland

Sinopa Rin at Studland

Ivy Grant in my studio

Ivy Grant, taken in my studio

A little fashion at Studland

A little fashion at Studland

Gothic Lolitas in my studio

Gothic Lolitas in my studio

My favourite shoes

Favourite Shoes

Cheryl Elizabeth at Studland

Cheryl Elizabeth at Studland

Sinopa Rin Again

Headshot at Studland

And again

Headshot in black and white

31 entries for December NM Best Picture of Day

Net Model has had a daily competition for best picture of the day for some time and I enter once in a while to keep my profile in front of that audience and hopefully win. I do once in a while which is always a pleasant surprise.

This month they are having a special competition for all the winning entries for the month of December. I have taken this as a personal challenge. To try and put together 31 images that are worthy of entering a competition. Being the old fool that I am, I need to keep a record of what I enter or I am sure I will duplicate myself and that would be unforgivable.

So here we go. This being a blog which is not rated I have not shown any of the entries that are considered not suitable for children as I would hate to offend. I have given the links but remember to not open if you think you might be offended.

I will update as the rest of the month goes forward.

1 December

2 December

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Model Photography Casting

I am still looking for models for my personal project of a series of naughty postcards.

Are you interested then look at this page and contact me.

Naughty Postcard 2

Do you re-touch your portrait photographs?

This is another question I am often asked. The answer is in most case almost certainly especially if the subject is female.

I was talking to a wedding photographer one time and I asked the same question. He told me that if he doesn’t re-touch he gets far less final sales.

The key is not to do too much. Don’t make a sixty year old look like a 30 year old but taking 5 or ten years off will almost certainly get you a sale.

You saw some images of Annie Moya yesterday. At 26 she has beautiful skin and to skin smooth her until she looks like a plastic mannequin would be a sin. She had a few small spots on her chin, you poor girls must hate those hormones doing that to you, and so a little spot removing with the clone tool is all that is needed.

Here is a before and after to show you what I did to her.

After Photshop

You will also find a few more examples here.

Studland Set 2

Continuing on from my last post about my Studland shoot, next in line was “Mistakes”, inspired by the saucy seaside postcards that you could buy in the 50’s and 60’s.

This was the inspiration card

Saucy Seaside Postcard Inspiration

Set 2 – “Mistakes”
The Brief

Saucy Postcard – Print and card sale

Saucy Seaside Postcard embarrassed dancer

Cast – Raphaella as dancer and MonModel as helper
Location – Preferably outside on lawn but if weather does not favour could use front hall
Make-Up – Stylised with dancer’s cheeks blushed
Hair – Dancer in ponytail, spectator hair up.
Wardrobe – Dancer in bright coloured TuTu and flesh coloured knickers, Helper bright sportswear and spectators in earth tones, coats, hats and maybe willies. (Will grab some of the others hanging about for this shot but no more than 4, Nikki might want to be in this as a spectator)
Matching Tutu knickers
4 politician masks
Walking sticks (CStGPA)

The Shoot

The girls went off to change with Nikki fussing over them and I and my trusty assistant for the day, ‘Biscuit’, broke set and moved on to the next location. The sun was in and out of the clouds and so I decided to use two Bowens with reflective umbrellas to give an even light over both main subjects. Set up either side of camera and at head height. I used a shutter speed of 1/125 at F11. This gave me a wide depth of field making sure the main subjects and the audience were in focus.

With the camera on a tripod I set the models in position, marking their spots with coins so that I could always have them in the right part of the frame. After 18 shots we had it in the bag and here is the result.


Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


The Studland shoots are always worth being involved with. The location is stunning with a magnificently furnished house, a greenhouse and grounds that go on forever down to the beach.

I was booked in for this shoot on February 1st and decided I would try and challenge myself, working with two models instead of concentrating on one. I felt I would be able to handle 5 set ups on the day and wanted to use a different light for each. Wanting to get the best from the day I worked up some ideas into a brief.

The story for the day was to be Harmony (With Nature). We live on this planet for a short time and seem to have “Not a care in the world”. We continue to make “Mistakes” while others watch on. With the internet we have lost our “Innocence” and should know better. It is our “Arrogance” that makes us attempt to better Nature. Why cannot we strive to be in “Harmony” with Her instead.

I knew I would need the help of a stylist and immediately contacted Nikita Sablier whose work I had been following with interest. She was as keen as mustard to get involved and the models were very happy with my ideas. Working with Nikki was a joy and we didn’t need the 3 months.

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Tips for Models from Cheryl Elizabeth

I just read this on a Net Model Forum and I thought I should share with you all in light of my current blog project Top Tips for Models.

Cheryl Elizabeth

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