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A Day – one on one

Another good day yesterday doing what I enjoy so much – lighting.

I gave a one day “one on one” course to Judith who was on day two of basic lighting. In our first session we positioned Greatchen, my rather well endowed mannequin, against a white back drop and using one light went through a number of different modifiers without changing the position of the light. It was also demonstrated how a soft box wraps around the subject. Judith was taking photographs of each change. We then went into the office and sat down and reviewed them on the larger screen.

Day two was to be a subject of Judith’s choice. When she arrived she admitted she hadn’t though it through and so off I went to find a suitable object. It’s spring and the daf’s are starting. Three were chosen and dutifully presented to Judith.

You should have seen the frown on her face and the smile on mine. She admitted she had tried on many occasions to photograph daffodils but to no avail. They always looked like blobs was her remark.

Into the studio we go. Judith wanted to produce a soft image against a black backdrop. She chose to use a soft box for her key light which was positioned close and at right angles to the flowers with the back edge lined up with the back edge of the flowers. She took a few images and then we reviewed the. After spotting the shadow on the right of the image we returned and placed a gold reflector on the opposite side from the key light and pointing up. More images and return for another review. The flowers look a little flat and I suggested she throw in a back light. Back to the studio and we set up a light with a snoot diffuser shining from again the opposite side from the key. The reflector had to be moved up and pointing down to eliminate a harsh shadow on the center bud.

Voila, this was the final result of Day 2 with Chris.

Day 2 - Still Life

New Front to my business card

Playing with those images to imitate a Calvin Kline ad gave me an idea. I thought why not use one as a front to my business card. I think this fits in with the new branding.

Do you?

Business card - Fashion and Beauty

If you want to know how it was done, click on yes in the poll below, if I get enough responses I will do a blog on it.

Photographing Bottles

It was back to being Billy No Mates today as I had a number of bottles of smellies for men to photograph. Always a challenge. I also went to the shop of the client today. 4 large pictures going to be hanging in the windowsso I better be good.

He tells me that he wants to make sure that when I photograph the hunks in trunks that they appeal to women in an edgy way. Now there’s a brief.

Pecksniff's Mistral

Another day in the orchard

We were very lucky with the weather despite being on a hurricane watch.

The theme for the photo-shoot was The Gun Club Collection and so a shot gun was in evidence throughout. Charlie had never held a gun before nor had she been in front of a camera for real. Didn’t she do well?

So Innocent

Another day of Product Photography

Yes another day as Billy No Mates as I cracked on with the products for KXSS. Keeping up with the deliveries and still Has time to watch Tonga get thrashed by The All Blacks.

Sorry I have no hunks in trunks for the young ladies but they are coming soon, I promise.

In fact the shoot is planned for next Wednesday, so watch this space.

Here was today’s inventory to shoot and edit.

All in a day’s work

This clip contains the images I shot for a new customer today who is preparing to launch a new Brand for men.

24 images produced, styled and edited by me as one day’s work. The only thing about this type of product photography is you have no=one to talk to. I have a total of 90 to do so it will be Billy No Mates for me for a few days.

If you want to know how it was lit just make a comment